Phone Call Confirmation

Got Photos? is not required to confirm appointments. If you need to reschedule your appointment time, please call (281) 384-4800.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation of a scheduled appointment with less than 48 hours’ notice will be billed at 50% of the agreed-upon rate for time scheduled.


A 50% deposit is required upon scheduling a service, and the balance is due when the original prints and the digital images are delivered or picked up. If you are purchasing a package of organizing hours, final payment is due on the first day of service. Packages exceeding 5 hours may be split into payments. Hourly fees incurred and products purchased are due at the end of each day.

Scope of Work

Got photos? will work diligently and efficiently on the agreed upon photo organizing projects. As the scope of projects vary, the client acknowledges that not all projects may get completed within the maximum number of hours allocated.


Client agrees to pay for all additional supplies that are used during services rendered.


Got Photos? will make every reasonable effort to safeguard your personal materials during the organizing process, but Got Photos? will not be responsible for items damaged or held liable for any other results of any work done during or after organizing sessions.


Got photos? will keep confidential all client information, both business and personal, including that which may be revealed by other organizers. We will keep client information confidential and not use it to benefit ourselves or the firm, or reveal this information to others.

Ownership and Possession

Got Photos? is a photo organizing and scanning service and does not take any ownership in submitted content (“Content”) of the undersigned (“Client”). As custodians of a Client’s Content, Got Photos? may take physical possession of Client’s Content for the sole purpose of making a digital, or electronic, copy of the Client’s Content. At the conclusion of service, GP will return all Content and digital copies to the Client. GP does not retain any ownership over Client’s physical or digital copy.

Client’s Ownership of Content

By submitting Content to Got Photos? for processing, Client is agreeing to furnish any records necessary to prove up the claim of ownership or permission to reproduce. Failure to obtain permission to reproduce may subject Client to prosecution under Federal Copyright Laws and may void this agreement.

Client May Not Submit Illegal/Illicit Content

This agreement cannot have an illegal aim or character. Client’s submitted content cannot be either illegal to reproduce or contain illicit material. Got Photos? retains the right to reject in whole or in part any portion that Got Photos? has a good faith belief does not conform to this agreement. An illustrative list of content: material that is threatening, profane, abusive, deceptive, pornographic, obscene, defamatory, slanderous, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate. Further, Got Photos? will not process Content that advocates illegal activity or harms minors in any way. Got Photos?, it’s affiliated company, agents, or employees reserve the right to report to law enforcement authorities any Content that may be illegal. Got Photos? will cooperate fully with law enforcement agencies in any resulting investigation.

Limitation of Liability and Indemnification of Got Photos?

Client agrees that Got Photos? does not warrant or make any guarantees about its services. Client further agrees that Got Photos? cannot be liable for the loss of any Content by a third party agent of Client, common carrier, or natural acts beyond the control of Got Photos? (“Acts of God”). In the event Got Photos?, its employees or agents destroy, damage or lose Client’s Content, intentionally or unintentionally, the sole remedy available to Client is replacement of an equivalent amount of electronic media. Client also agrees to indemnify and hold harmless Got Photos?, affiliated companies, employees, or agents, for any loss or damages arising from transporting, processing or returning Content. Client will pay or indemnify Got Photos?, affiliated companies, employees or agents for litigation costs of any claims arising out of Client’s improper submission of Content, whether by the Copyright or other laws of any nation. By signing below, you, the undersigned, agree to become a Client and be bound by this service agreement.

Our Contact Information

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